Bitcoin Holding Above $8500 As The Halving Comes To An End. It Wont Move Up Until This Happens.

Crypto N Coffee May 12,2020

As the Bitcoin Halving event comes to an uneventful close the top ranking crypto by market cap holds above the $8500 price level, but without a strong influx of new money will it be able to hold?

Based on my research I’m still holding out, thinking that a second stronger wave of corona is going to sweep the planet and send ALL markets spiraling down.

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US grocery costs jump the most in 46 years, led by rising prices for meat and eggs

New Coronavirus cases in Germany almost tripled within 24 hours - less than a week after the country started reopening - as it considers an ‘emergency brake’ to reinstate harsher lockdowns.

Things are getting more and more wild out there. Don’t get caught up in the next panic because you weren’t prepared. The writing is on the wall. The time to act is NOW!!

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