5 Metrics That Will Stop Bitcoin From Reclaiming $10K. Top 10 Crypto Investment Tips.

Crypto N Coffee May 15,2020

Bitcoin failing to break through $10K yet again after falling to $8100 just before the halving event on Monday. With everything going on in the U.S. ; unemployment at levels not seen since The Great Depression, cash savings at all time lows, consumer credit at all time highs, the governments and central banks of the world pumping TRILLIONS of Dollars monthly into the system to keep it from collapsing doesn’t leave many people looking to invest in markets like crypto, but the day will come when the Bob’s & Susans WAKE UP and rush to pull their dollars out of the system and I believe they will be rushing into digital assets. A crash much bigger that the one in March and MUCH bigger than 2007-07 is coming, the writing is on the walls.

Bitcoin Bears Say These 5 Metrics Will Stop BTC From Reclaiming $10K

Veteran Investor Says Bitcoin Price Surge to $467,000 is ‘Achievable’

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Investment Tips.

1. Do your own research.

2. Fundalmental Analysis

3. Keep your crypto safe.

4. Be prepared for the market cycles.

5. Choose your coins wisely.

6. High Risk/High Reward.

7. Diversify your portfolio.

8. Choose Your Strategy.

9. Be patient.

10. Don't Panic.

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